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I'm Jane! 

Nice to meet you.

I thrive best in a diverse environment where there is substantial purpose. I enjoy working on projects that inform and give back to the community. My drive is reinforced by my BA in Linguistics, a minor in Cultural Anthropology, and my certification in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language.

I have pivoted from being a Linguistics and ESL Teacher to Designer because I want to reach farther than my classroom in order to bring out our human potential through impactful designs.

I have always been curious about people, culture, language, and the human psychology. That lead me to my BA in Linguistics and Anthropology, which lead me to teaching because I always envisioned myself playing a part in society to help humans reach their full potential. I'm naturally a nurturer and a problem solver, and a person who likes to build cultural bridges. I'm also quite an activist for diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. So naturally when I stumbled upon UX and heard that my natural interest, experience and talent worked together, I was skeptical. What's the catch?! It must all be fluff. However, I was interested in expanding my career options, so I continued to learn about UX. I was searching for a career where I could see my work take place right away instead of waiting for my students to grow up one day. The more experience I gained in UX, I came to see how everything I was passionate about could be found in the umbrella of UX. Now, I get to work with users, solve problems, use my empathy, and utilize my anthropological research skills and knowledge. I love that UX can be used to design great things and small things (that add up to be great). For me that is why I'm passionate about UX because I can see my concepts and my work tangibly in a product or in an outcome and feel good that I designed it for humans to experience, and all the weight of who I am and where I come from is a part of that. I'm still a Linguist, and an Anthropologist, and cultural bridge builder. Product design just gave me another outlet to apply myself. 

On my free time you can find me singing as I tend to all my plants, but if I'm not there I'm probably out riding my bike. 

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